From Fashion to Business Innovation

By applying our LoEdGlo® Method, we are capable of transferring through a unique process the approach and perspective of the fast-paced and forward-looking Fashion Industry into a wide variety of projects in various Business Areas. Using this approach, we help our clients to achieve a powerful differentiation of their brands or their products/services from those of their competitors and gain a genuine competitive advantage.

So far, we have been able to develop innovative concepts and solutions for both small and large international companies and institutions ranging from Fashion & Luxury, Pharma & Healthcare, Automotive, Technology, Culture, Food, Beauty Care and Consumer Goods. Depending on the project, we also took care of Design Development, the Communication Campaigns, as well as the strategic and organizational plans of a Point of Sale, which were later implemented in close cooperation with our clients.

Our strong ties with institutions such as Universities and Research Centers help keeping our keen eye on new ideas and trends allowing us to perceive at an early stage signals of changes in society, industry and consumption behavior.

Thanks to our continuous research for many years in the Italian market, with a specific focus on Fashion and Design, we have been able to develop in-depth knowledge and high-profile personal contacts in production facilities and processes, material science, traditional craftsmanship and the new technologies. Since several well-known companies and manufacturers are grouped, according to the materials or product categories they deal with, in geographical Districts in Northern Italy since long ago, we have decided to locate a part of our international team in Milan, to be able to carry out continuous on-site research. Inspiration and Creativity for Tastecube have their roots right here and are the basis of our work.