Future-Proof with Trendresearch, Strategy and Design Consulting

Tastecube brings the services Trendresearch, Strategy and Design Consulting together in a unique process. We take care of our international and local clients from our offices in Munich and Milan in cooperation with experts connected to our network. We offer creative solutions through an interdisciplinary approach transferring different models and know-how, typically developed in the fast-paced fashion industry, to other business areas.

We strive to offer our clients, thanks to our strategic approach and creativity, individual solutions and innovations, to help them to maximize their brands differentiation and to achieve a long-term sustainable competitive advantage in the market.

Tastecube has been conceived with the vision of designing, shaping and implementing solutions by working seamlessly within our own team. Our name also reflects our way of thinking and working.
It is through a process which recalls the creation of a new haute-cuisine dish. First of all, the necessary high-quality ingredients are carefully selected studying the combination of flavors. Then applying a careful cooking process that enhances the taste. But not only that, also the aromas, textures, and palatability thanks to a proper platter assembly play an important role to make the dish attractive. All the senses and the imagination of the connoisseur should be involved in the end to make it a unique experience.

Innovation Incubator

This is also the scope of Design, which, once included in a Product or a Service, is supposed to exert an appealing effect on the viewer. In any Brand Development and Innovation it is essential to meet the taste and style of the consumer. All sensory elements must be considered and maximized. 

At the beginning of an innovative creative process, it is like starting with an empty, transparent, but solid cube that gradually is filled through our research with marketing information about brand, market, consumer behavior and needs, emerging technologies and scientific research results. But also combined with softer elements of contemporary design, culture, attention to detail, style and taste.

The creative process itself becomes an incubator of innovative ideas fit to the brand.

Technological and social change always represent new challenges for companies. Phenomena such as the emergence of sharing and experience economies as well as associated changes in consumer mindset and consumer behavior have a strong impact on brands, strategy and product / service developments. New values emerge, more and more the brand experience, like being part of a community, overtake the importance of traditional product performance, while transparency becomes a factor of trust.

It is important to be aware as quickly as possible of these new processes and their underlying potential, so to react to them and become one of the first responders in the market in order to build a stronger bond of consumer trust. Our Trendresearch and our studies form the basis for forward-looking strategies and innovative solutions. We carry out different projects using our proprietary LoEdGlo® Method. The steps represented by Information, Motivation and Inspiration lead our team and our clients to real Innovation.

The holistic consulting techniques offered by Tastecube require an empathic and a face-to-face approach with our clients.

Under the umbrella term "strategies for a long-term competitive advantage and sustainable growth", we implement projects with an external focus, such as brand positioning and differentiation, brand- and product development or national / international expansion of operations. With the same approach and methodology we also address internal focus: this can affect processes and dynamics within the client’s company like Teambuilding or Internal Branding. In our innovation process we also manage with success integrating additional creative workshops and involving our client’s employees (across departments and hierarchies).

By combining unconventional thinking and approach, specially developed methods and teamwork, we can turn the high potential discovered in a client’s project into released performance through the achievement of a consistent and groundbreaking output.

In doing so, we naturally interface ourselves with any existing clients’ structures, focusing on a close relationship with each department or with their third-party service providers. Depending on the project type and the requirements, matching particular time/budget constraints, we can offer also single modules out of our consulting process.