Work with diversity - not against!

The interdisciplinary and international team of Tastecube, led by Sarah Kreuzer and Susanne Kreuzer, consists of experts from various fields. Strategists, designers, marketing and retail specialists, communication professionals, photographers, influencers and others work hand in hand. The multifaceted disciplines gain synergy and frame thanks to teamwork, through our integrated process and our LoEdGlo® Method.

Depending on each project requirements, we rely on partners in our international and intercultural network, in order to provide each customer with the required competences resulting from a selected team of professionals.
Our LoEdGlo® philosophy is also present in the relationship within our team. During the development of the projects the exchange of views arising from different perspectives and expertise is very important to us. Thanks to the diversity within our organization, upon which has always been based our trustworthy teamwork, we are capable to maximize creativity and professionalism. Different nationalities and cultural influences, age gaps and divergent personalities are considered by us as positive and inspiring. They support the fast and creative approach of Tastecube and allow us to develop unique solutions for a wide variety of customer needs.

Sarah Kreuzer

After completing her studies in Fashion Design (Barcelona) and Brand & Product Management (Milan), the Munich born designer worked for several years in the fashion business in Germany, Italy and Uruguay. She gained experience in various positions in companies having different organizations, operating in different markets. 

Afterwards she started to work as a Consultant and Designer for international companies in the fields of Fashion & Luxury, Design, Personal- & Healthcare and Technology in cooperation with Susanne Kreuzer. Joining the efforts in 2017 they founded Tastecube in Munich. In addition to Corporate Management, Sarah is responsible for Project Management and is a visiting lecturer at various universities in Milan. Operating on a worldwide market for fifteen years and currently living in Milan and Munich, she is influenced by various cultures, lifestyles and inspirations.

Susanne Kreuzer

After living in Germany and England, Susanne Kreuzer has been working in Milan since 1998 as an expert in strategy planning and image, mainly in the fields of design, fashion and lifestyle.

In her research she uses an innovative, iconographic reading approach through a specially developed methodology to optimize the creative process. She works as a Consultant for Product and Communication Development for various brands and their positioning in the international fashion and design market. Susanne held Workshops and Lectures with a special focus on the relationship between communication, fashion and marketing for companies positioned in the Lifestyle Segment in the areas of Design, Personal- and Healthcare, Fashion and Luxury.

She also works as a lecturer at various universities such as the Politecnico di Milano (Dipartimento di Design), (Consortium of the Politecnico Milano), Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera and the University Cattolica in Milan. For several years she was Co-Director of the Master Course for Fashion management: Brand and Product Management at the Milano Fashion Institute, an inter-university Consortium founded by the Politecnico di Milano, the Catholic University and the Bocconi University.