The LoEdGlo® method is a Creative Process that has been researched and developed by Tastecube Co- Founder Susanne Kreuzer since 2003. The method has been extensively tested and validated, in collaboration with psychologists and in application in projects and workshops with students at various universities. For many years, the LoEdGlo® method has been used successfully by Susanne Kreuzer and Tastecube, applying it in different projects of international brands in various fields. This Innovation Process combines several approaches and ways of thinking, e.g. the rational (Marketing) with the irrational (Creativity), leading to Innovation by Differentiation.

Thanks to this unique approach we are able to develop strategies, concepts, products and services, covering the whole process according to the customer's wishes: analysis, concept, design, implementation, marketing, communication, monitoring and development.

LoEdGlo® is the combination of the words Localisation, Education and Globalisation. Three elements that, when applied together, contribute to Key Success Factors (KPIs) maximization.

In addition to developing new innovative brands or products/services, we also help companies to develop strategies for their established products. In order to achieve a successful, differentiating repositioning, we use LoEdGo® to analyse the Macro- and Micro Building Blocks of the brand and the product, as well as those of the competitors. We then carry out a Benchmark Analysis including all relevant Touchpoints covering meticulously design, details and stylistic elements.

The methodology can be easily used individually and can be extended as desired with various Workshops and Partnerships. We also have often used it with companies for retail and communication concepts or internal projects.

It is important for us to perform an extensive phase of analysis by using LoEdGlo®. This means to observe first, holding any judgement. The identity and culture of our clients are actively and passively involved in the process right from the start.

Tastecube works in research and creation mainly with the use of Keywords and Images. The applied techniques make thoughts and feelings initially recognized in the subconscious, visible and tangible. We are very pleased to involve our customers in the creative process through our workshops.

According to our experience, the LoEdGlo® methodology often leads to a rethinking of old strategies and changes in perspective. New stimuli coming from Tastecube, which can be critical but at the same time constructive, always reveal hidden potential and opportunities.


The process of our LoEdGlo® method consists after the steps Trendspotting and Trend Analysis, of different sections: Information, Motivation, Inspiration and Concept Design. The product or service is thus the logical consequence of the creative process. It is important however to use this process accurately step by step, because the poor execution of a single section will affect the following steps, resulting in the end into a wrong concept and design of the product.

Tangible and intangible aspects flow into the creative process through the LoEdGlo® method. After a successful application, the consumer is surrounded by positive emotions generated by the product or service, and this makes him feel closer to the brand.