Create positive impact through design

Above all, brands have to trigger emotions in order to achieve a successful Market Positioning and generate turnover. A positive impact and a pleasant feeling are stimulated by a properly executed design. Design has therefore become a key factor for growth and long-term competitive advantage across all sectors.

An interaction or personal experience creates an intimate and authentic communication between brand and consumer. For a positive purchase decision, the interested party must also understand the purpose and the benefit of the product or service. The previous process must be therefore correctly and in a structured way performed in order to achieve optimal and functional results. To achieve what above described, its proprietary methodology LoEdGlo® helps Tastecube. It provides the framework for any Innovation Development, supported by Trendresearch and Market Research.

Even more important than a simple response to the real and known consumer needs is their prediction. This is the only way for a brand to be in the market at the right time with the requested products and services. Long-term strategies offer a solid baseline and a certain confidence. Nevertheless, acting outside of the former comfort zone is essential for companies in order to develop their own visions and gain a market advantage.

Design makes a brand tangible and possible to be experienced with. In addition to the Corporate Identity, also products, services, installations, spatial concepts, cooperations and partnerships, etc. are Communication Tools enabling to communicate directly and indirectly core messages. Concepts and aesthetics should always be developed considering and involving Brand Identity. For the necessary credibility and recognition, products and services must be consistent and appropriate to the brand in all their aspects (appearance, materials, quality, functionality) and communicate at the same time the emotional essence.

When completing the entire process, from Trendresearch to implementation, including observation and development, Tastecube guarantees a smooth transition and information exchange through its steps. We avoid discrepancies, misunderstandings and other problems that often arise during product development when involving several stakeholders, such as R&D, Marketing and Agencies. Tastecube generates positive dynamics through teamwork within our interdisciplinary group, which gives the project the necessary framework releasing additional innovative power.


Having foreseen the trend of the emerging Lifestyle Brands, we have been focusing for years on Occasions of Use and not Targets. Innovative and significant brands no longer create concepts for a specific and demographically defined target but develop their strategies and products for a particular Lifestyle. This includes a variety of products from different Categories and Occasions of Use (Everyday, Free Day, Special Day).

Concept Design

Not always when starting a project, the real need and the nature of the necessary concepts are known. Sometimes this only occurs in the early phase of the Creative Process and substantiates in the step Concept Design of our LoEdGlo® Method..

Product | Service

We call the output, which is the logical consequence of the process, product or service. Here we include all types of innovative solutions relating to identity, product, service, retail and communication. The focus is always on the consumer, who has to be emotionally affected by any product or service.

Corporate Design

The Corporate Design must undoubtedly reflect and embody the Brand Identity. The definition of Stylistic Elements and Details are essential for the brand recognition via the product. Which consequently not only becomes more attractive and desired, it also actively contributes to increase the Brand Value.

Product Design

For Tastecube, Product Design as such is a holistic and complex process. As even a single product detail can contribute to the required gap in the market, we continuously carry out research on materials, production techniques and manufacturers. Through our network of specialized craft businesses, mostly in Italy, and our presence at international trade fairs, we are able to recommend the most suitable manufacturers for all product types.

In addition to Product Development in the context of Brand Collections, we also work in Corporate Product Development or in collaborations with companies for special Capsule Collections and Merchandising Products.

Above all, the development of Private Label Goods is becoming an increasingly important source of income for both retailers and manufacturers but also institutions such as Museums or Foundations, as well as a Media. Tastecube can also oversee the Distribution Plan, taking care of Research, Strategy and Development, as well as Design, Production Management and Implementation.

Service Design

Design is also the visualisation of a mindset. Consumers feel particularly attached to the brands with which they share views and values. In addition, companies must provide the consumer with relevant product/service features and benefits, to become attractive. 

For example, through what has become established by communities, which promote interaction and are consistent with their own Lifestyle, the experiences become for many consumers the product itself. Behind remain services, originated from the brand, which are finally also consumed and exploited.

An Exhibition, Installation or Brand Presentation under the right mood can also be an ideal solution to express the intangible dimension of a brand. They offer the opportunity to integrate the Experience, for example with audio-visual and spatial Wow Effects, and to appeal to all the senses of the observer.

An active participation as an exhibitor at trade fairs or events can be an important strategic move for brands, especially for conquering new customers and for exploring new markets. We can also conceive and organize these activities for our clients directly on site as for example during the International Design Week Salone del Mobile in Milan.

Communication Design

Product and services, paired with emotional Storytelling, are themselves valuable communication tools. In addition, we use LoEdGlo® method to develop innovative communication concepts for companies, brands or individual product lines. Thanks to our interdisciplinary team, we are capable to offer also in this area a professional implementation/organisation and execution matching the requirements of our clients.