Development of Trends

The constant changes in all areas surrounding us, society, technology, industry, environment, creativity, politics, etc., affect the way of thinking and the Lifestyle of the individuals and thus their needs and desires. Different trends develop, with a different impact and meaning for society.

Also their origin can be influenced by various causes. It is often the same way of reacting from people to suggested products that create a trend. In general, humans are open to new ideas. Especially if they remind them of something familiar. For example, vintage-style products make memories emerge. The repeated perception of the same product supports a positive evaluation. People are also happy to accept direct recommendations from those with whom they have a based-on trust relationship, even if only so perceived. At the same time, background information and openness can increase the product reputation and the interest in it.


Permanently exposed to a variety of influences, the Tastecube Team carefully observes sources of inspiration to catch sight with a different approach of interesting matters. Our Trendresearch starts with a very global approach. Over the years, we have developed an instinct to save and interpret times and impressions. We can make practical and correct forecasts using our instinct and gut feeling. 

We anticipate emerging trends and analyze them at different levels. We understand what will happen on the market and we recognize circumstances.

For each project, we also carry out sound analysis specifically defined for our customers. In doing so we pay particular attention to possible cross-industry impacts. It appears that the fashion business plays the role of a pioneer, so its emerging trends often influence other contexts at a later stage. There we can observe crucial changes happening in business or consumer behavior, as well as in details such as colors or materials.

The Trendresearch activities we perform support the development of new products and services for our clients in an essential way. The needs of consumers are predictable, insights and trends are taken into account and applied in the project. Alongside the great potential, to differentiate oneself from competitors when offering a product, the brand must also sell the right product range within the proper time plan, through the correct retail channels. Only in this way is it possible to satisfy the consumer’s need in an innovative way and to give him the feeling, when still unaware at the moment of his first brand contact, that he absolutely needs that product (Must Have).


The Trendresearch of Tastecube is articulated into two main steps.

Trendspotting gives a Global View.

In this first step, we work with intuition to discover unspoken and still unknown needs. The unconscious is reprocessed and brought into consciousness. This often happens when working with Images and Moodboards. We start with Keywords, but without a specific, given topic. At the end of the process the subconscious is expressed with signals and becomes tangible.

With Trendspotting we recognize foresighted trends and phenomena that will have an impact on society.

During Trend Forecasting, a stage of Trendspotting, we develop new global/macro topics that touch the consumer and trigger his emotions. In the subsequent Creative Research we process the initial information which will be later converted into Concepts and Design of the product to be created. These can be, for example, materials, manufacturing processes, colors, shapes, etc. In order to be able to develop a new product with a correct time plan, it is key to provide to the Creative Team this information at a very early stage, so that they can be efficiently involved in the innovation process.

Trend Analysis

The second step Trend Analysis gives instead a Local View.

Emerging trends and real information as well as innovations are processed and edited. These are events that will certainly take place in a foreseeable, limited time frame. In most cases they are also linked to a specific topic or a local circumstance.

By using our proprietary methodology, we start with Image Research, the content of which may differ from the supposed topics. In doing so, by working with Keywords and Moodboards, we identify Macro Themes that we translate afterwards into innovative concepts and then into products. The expressed sensations, observing the initial images, are also conveyed in the project output.

Market Research

We validate results and findings from Trend Spotting and Trend Analysis using Market Research.

At a qualitative level, in focus groups or individual surveys, or at a quantitative level, in online surveys or field observations, we match the trends with the target group. In addition to the classical and well-known methods, we employ specially developed techniques and methodologies. By doing so, we can show the relevance of findings and trends for specific target groups and, above all, we can confirm recognized cross- industry implications.

In Market Research we place particular emphasis on the analysis of the Consumer Lifestyle. Demographic characteristics as well as social environment and changing ways of thinking and behaving are considered here.

Industry Monitoring

Moreover, sometimes with the help of our specialists, we monitor and analyse further industry and trade developments, often on a customer-specific basis, by sector (i.e.: Fashion & Luxury, Material innovation) or by topic (i.e.: Fidelity & Loyalty).