Connect through experience

The implementation of new, innovative and functional products/services alone is no longer sufficient for brands. Today one of the most important aspects of Brand Awareness and Market Success is to position the brand experienced focused. Tastecube has been concentrated for years on the concept of Lifestyle Brands, which come in contact with customers thanks to Experience.

Originally created in the fashion context to cover all the corners of the customer’s life, Lifestyle Brands have a great capability to express the mood and history of the brand. In addition, they also provide the promotion of artistic and cultural realities. Nowadays not all Lifestyle Brands necessarily arise from the fashion and luxury sectors. That’s why we work with the above-mentioned concept across all industries.

The connection of material components such as products, drawings, photographs, etc. with intangible aspects coming from history, memory and narratives, allows the consumer to discover the brand. By doing so, the brand has the opportunity to communicate its own values directly and in the correct form to the consumer.

Any physical implementation, such as the accomplishment of an exhibition, of a cultural space or of an event, but also in Points of Sale, should take place for us after the analysis of the brand’s DNA and in this context after the thorough examination of its tangible but above all its intangible aspects.

By the use of effects and addressing all the senses, the brand’s DNA is transformed into something material. These can be light effects, smell, colors, shapes or surfaces that create an atmosphere and trigger emotions. A mood is created. Supported by the right storytelling, the brand is discovered.

It is always about the awakening of emotions, about a sustainable connection between the customer and the brand/product through the displaying in the room.

The brand can thus benefit from a perceived differentiation and a value increase, thanks to the implementation of our concepts identifying innovative paths and unconventional brand/product placement. We work with the principle of the Wow Effect. We willingly use various lifestyle categories, often including those areas previously unknown to the brand. A presentation of a brand in a new context alone provides attention and strengthens the awareness at best.

Neither challenging requirements nor spatial constraints would be unsuitable for us. We develop and implement retail strategies for Pop-Up, Multi-Brands, Corner Stores as well as other types of Points of Sale.

With the help of our team we can also develop and organize Museum Exhibitions or Temporary Events such as Brand Presentations during Salone del Mobile/International Design Week in Milan.

When developing strategies for Market Positioning and Distribution, often the focus of our projects turns to the brands internationalisation. Our point of strength is to facilitate the entry of German brands into the Italian market but we can also support Italian brands to win awareness and attract customers in Germany. We give our advice on procedures, suitable locations and presence at trade fairs and our network is activated to provide valuable contacts.

After establishing a successful Brand Positioning we are pleased to extend our support, according to the specific market demands and together with our retail specialists, also in the areas of Buying and Merchandising / Collection Structure.