Successful design plays a key role within the implementation of an innovative marketing strategy. In our activity, creativity and design also operate as a marketing tool, helping to stimulate positive feelings in the customer, increasing the attractiveness of a brand.

We carry out in-depth market surveys as part of our LoEdGlo® Method. The identification of direct and indirect competitors with subsequent Benchmarking Analysis is the basis of it. But also global, innovative events and phenomena appearing distant from the brand sector are researched and interpreted according to each specific project, or transcribed if necessary. The consumer behavior must be understood to discover his real needs which fosters the product demand. The purpose of the Development Plan, which concludes this step, is to create experiences complying with the brand appreciation and the needs of its buyers. Product and Brand Experiences must prove to be effective and exceeding the expectations in order to build and maintain a long-term relationship between brand and consumer.

Specially in Milan, the creative center of Italy, a new energy started to flow. The importance of the connections between Design, Marketing and Technology to build a future-oriented, global business have been discovered. Brands have turned traditions upside-down but without ignoring them; younger designers from various backgrounds and international talents are now shaping the industry. This shift across border and branches plays an important role. New inspirations, approaches and ideas lead to real innovation, differentiation and ultimately improvement of the Brand Performance.

In order to achieve an optimal growth, it is helpful to first of all proof innovative and influential in your own initial market. Correct Marketing Strategies and Brand Development will then lead to a global market presence. According to our LoEdGlo® method - Localisation, Education, Globalisation - we proceed as follows.


Initiatives on the domestic market should above all promote brand awareness and preference. The reasons behind a consumer purchase decision, both at rational and emotional level, must be understood by the Brand Management and skillfully integrated with experience-based Marketing Campaigns. The Buying Process is emphasized with emotions and the Market Differentiation is shaped or strengthened.

It works well when a brand combines its products and services with activities and messages that appeal to the senses and trigger intense feelings from the consumer. Findings on which topics are interesting for the customer, would result from trend research, a previous step in the LoEdGlo® method, but also from the formerly accomplished Market Analysis.


Today brands are almost compelled to act transparently and to inform the customer about product-related backgrounds as well. Consumer education should be actively integrated into the marketing strategy for an optimal and credible presentation. The processing of cultural and sociological topics as well as the accomplishment of social projects, especially concerning manufacturing and production, materials as well as packaging, sustainability and recycling, have become a necessary element of communication. This can most effectively be achieved through a real integration into the company’s culture in order to convey the values by applying them directly to the customer and maintaining a constant communication. Awareness- raising and social responsibility are increasingly being integrated into corporate structures and put into practice both internally and externally. Additional challenges come from the generation of the necessary speed in production and market response.


In the internationalisation of brands and products, the availability of quality products and services linked to the associated growth represents the most important challenges in the short term. In the long term, however, the consumers education should be gradually enhanced through the ongoing supply of brand and product information, so to speak.

The basis for today's success on the global market is to benefit from a sound brand awareness and stability on the domestic territory. Globalization and international integration have a must: the trustworthiness of a brand on new markets to be conquered depends entirely on its success at home. Furthermore, it is necessary to be able to adapt to the specific cultures and behaviors. Tastecube also offers support in this area by providing expertise and contacts in various regions worldwide and proposing interesting new business opportunities.